True Accountability  

Are you getting the most from your accountant?

Just imagine saving and safe-guarding more of your hard-earned money in this time of financial uncertainty!

 Did you know millions are lost each year on poorly presented incomplete accounts? Your accounts package is only as good as the information entered.

In England fraudulent account submissions can even lead to a fine or prison sentence whether you intended to be fraudulent or not.

Discrepancies with your accounts are ultimately your responsibility, not your accountants. Therefore it is your duty to oversee and ensure your accountant is working with your best interests in mind and that your package is well equipped to fulfil the statutory requirements by law.

For example:
  • Does your accounts programme show exactly what you owe people and what is owed to you?
  • Are your bank accounts reconciled to the penny?
  • Are you confident that your accounts are making the most of your money, legally? Do you clearly understand and oversee your accounts regularly?
  • Do you know exactly what expenses you can claim for and what you can’t?

Do you understand and implement your Payroll accounts within the parameters of the law?

If you answered “No” to one or more, then you could be losing money!
You could be losing thousands each year through unclaimed VAT expenses. This can happen if purchase invoices are not being received or entered on to your system correctly. This is your money and should be in your bank account, not HM Revenue & Customs!

You could be breaking the law and not know it, resulting in you being liable for a fine, or worse a prison sentence if your accounts are submitted incomplete or incorrect. Ignorance is no excuse!
You could be subjected to a lengthy and probing investigation in all your financial dealings by the HM Revenue & Customs.

We now use Quick Books Online Accounting and Receipt Bank for smoother clearer bookkeeping. Allowing you a clearer view of your business day by day

Can you afford to be complacent ? I urge you to take action today for peace of mind.

Fully MTD compliant with Quick Books Online

Remember; your finances are your responsibility. Take control and safeguard your money!

Bookkeeping can now be managed remotely. Distance no problem.

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